Rainbow Model School & College Establish -1998

Harvard International College – Establish -2010

Non Formal Primary Education

Almost 50% of the children drop out from their education in Bangladesh each year because of extreme poverty in their family. There are numbers of other factors also plays an invisible role behind this circumstance like parents education, parents disinterested in schooling, taking care of younger, early marriage, etc.

Help Foundation, Bangladesh (HFB) is committed to build a society free from the curse of illiteracy.

Institute of Language and Creative station (ILCS)

In Bangladesh, women from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are often oppressed because of their lack of English knowledge and skills. To facilitate social security and economic development of destitute women, Help Foundation has taken initiatives to provide vocational training to destitute women since 2009, most of whom are guardians of the children of Help Foundation run by School and College. For this purpose Help Foundation has set up a sewing training center at Nordha, Tangail, Nagoarpur. Upon successful completion of the training period, sewing machines are distributed among the trainees.

Basic Education for Underprivileged Children

Every child has the right to receive a basic education. But unfortunately, in Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands of children are being deprived of a basic education because of their socio-economic condition and lack of awareness. According to the National Child Labour Survey 2013, about 17, 00,000 children are engaged in hazardous child labour.

It is in this backdrop that the current Education Program commenced its journey with only 7 students in January 2008. Initially, there was a lot of skepticism and misgivings regarding the usefulness of the classes. However, Help Foundation Establish by National School teachers have managed to gain the trust and faith of the guardians of the students with their sincerity, honesty, dedication and diligence. As a result, the number of students increased from only 7 children in one centre to over 531 children in 8 centers by the end of 2019.

Classes at Help Foundation are always followed by refreshments. For new students, refreshments are invariably the principal incentive to attend classes regularly. Within a few years of the inception of the Project, our students have multiplied several times and the progress is more than evident. Most of the children can now read and write and do basic math and calculations. The School has provided the much needed recreation that these children deserve and trips to the zoo, art competitions and other events have been organized for them on a regular basis.

We hope to provide these children with vocational training as they grow older so as to give them greater financial independence and a better life. Since the commencement of its Education Program, Help Foundation has provided basic education among 4140 underprivileged children.

Children’s Rights

A child rights lens helps us see things differently – considering child rights helps identify wider human rights issues: Addressing child rights requires companies to manage potentially impacts to a higher standard Building child-friendly communities requires addressing many interconnected issues and multiple stakeholders A child rights focus provides a long-term focus – children are the community of the future.

Help Foundation, Bangladesh (HFB) PROVIDES Free Medicine & Health Care Support and Nutrition.

Bangladesh has a commitment to primary health care, but health provision remains woefully inadequate. Particularly in rural areas. Health provision remains urban biased but there is also a general bias against the poor in both rural and urban areas, Government health services in Bangladesh are highly under-utilized. Although virtually free of charge in theory, only one quarter of patients use public facilities, the majority, including low income groups, use private facilities. In the light of need of rural poor disadvantaged people (HFB) undertakes “Primary Health Care Support and Nutrition” project for their sake,

HF arranges free medical campaign in different places where normal medicine are distributed among the poor marginalized community of urban and village,

Transitional Shelter for Street Children

At present, about 1 million of the country’s children are street children. These children live in deplorable conditions in squalid slums and/or makeshift shelters, and are prone to be abused and exploited. Since January 2017, Help Foundation has been operating a transitional shelter for street children with the help of a UK-based charity organization in Dhaka city. The goal of the project is rescue destitute street children from their existing precarious environment and reintegrate them in a safe and secure environment towards achieving the collective goal of “Street Children Free Bangladesh”. The main activities of the project are: rescuing children from the streets and bus/train stations of Dhaka, re-integrating them with families, referral to permanent home for long term services etc.

Rehabilitation of shelter less street Beggar.

Begging is the painful consequences of the socio economic discrimination and the natural calamities of a country, Natural disaster or socio economic discrimination is widely prevalent in Bangladesh. As a result, a section of the people of Bangladesh is compelled to adapt begging as a means of bread earning. But whatever the reason a man becomes beggar, Begging is such an occupation that lowers ones social status. Basically, begging as a means of maintaining life is treated as a hatred occupation in the society. It is essential to end such a situation for the sake of the development of a country. HFB have taken initiative to employ beggars into productive profession diverting them from begging. Primarily HFB intends to rehabilitate 200 beggars who are physically disabled.

Help Foundation (HF) Stop Child Marriage (SCM)

The proposed project will be implemented in Tangail Sadar Upazila (sub district), Tangail. In this area, the school dropout and child marriage or forced marriage rate are high among the poor communities. Many girls drop out of school after entering wedlock. Young girls are often considered as an economic burden on their families.

This area is constantly vulnerable to river erosion. The hard-core poor families live their lives in extreme miseries. They often remain ill fed or half-fed. Children and women suffer severe malnutrition.  In extreme cases, these families migrate to urban slums. Sexual exploitation of women and girls frequently occurs in the slums.

Child marriage or early marriage is a global phenomenon and a grave cause for concern. It is an endemic practice among the poor in Bangladesh. Lack of proper action and responsiveness by the state and local administration consents child wedlock. Additionally financial distress of the parents pushes them towards the decision to marry their daughters off early.

Hence, HF intends to build a partnership working together to deter girls from being married at their too young age. The project seeks to provide monetary support to those in need and conduct campaigns in remote areas to train people about the detrimental impact of early or child marriages. The project will strive to make effective interventions to address this critical issue of child marriage.

Eid Gifts for Poor Children and Orphans:

During Eid ul-Fitr. Help Foundation distributes Eid Gifts to orphans and poor children in countries where we work.

Help Foundation, Bangladesh (HFB) Provide Free Seasonal Campaign Ramadan/ Qubani):

Each year HFB arranges occasional program like “Iftar” to distribute food and meat among the poor so that they can celebrate the happy religious occasion with their family.

As a part of our regular activities towards our vision “HFB” executes Iftar/Ramadan Program as well Qurbani Program” to distribute foods, meat and so on to ensure small happiness of the poor. HFB enables poor Muslim people a small happy small on their face to enjoy the happiness of holly Religious occasion of Eid Ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha.

Help Foundation, Bangladesh Provide Free Seasonal Campaign Eid ul Adha (Qurbani)

At the end it is true that for the development of the country and to stand up as a self reliant with raise head it is necessary to build an educated poverty free Bangladesh. The sustainable development of a country is possible only when its society ensure its member all fundamental rights to let them live minimum standard of life. In that light HF strive to ensuring. Health service to the deprived people, food and clothing as well as education to the poorest people of the society.

HF believes that together we can change the society, what is only needed is the generous patronizing from everyone from everyone’s place, only then our dream and purpose will be successful. If the purpose of your organization is humanitarian service for the sake of poor people then your assistance is expected for the materialization of the project of the Help foundation so that it can keep expanding it activities towards the poor.